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Who Are These ISIS Guys and Why Is Obama Willing to Bomb Them?

As it turns out, Putin may have launched a similarly disastrous operation, the one that brought down that Malaysian aircraft.  According to Ukrainian reports, the (Russian) plan was to shoot down an Aeroflot passenger plane and blame it on the Ukrainians, thereby justifying a Russian invasion.  Once again, it's Michael Weiss with the story:

Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), today stated that the 17 July shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 near Donetsk by Russian-backed separatists represented a terrible case of a Kremlin provocation gone horribly wrong. According to Nalyvaychenko, the SBU has evidence that what happened was the outcome of a diabolical Moscow plot to create a pretext for war, meaning Russian invasion, by shooting down an Aeroflot airline (specifically AFL2074, see details here) and killing its (mostly Russian) passengers, then placing blame on Ukrainian forces.

(h/t, Irish Spy, my favorite living spook)

But the buffoons Putin ordered to do the deed got the wrong plane.  Evidence?  I don't know precisely what the Ukrainians have, but it does seem that the Russians are rounding up some of their (former) agents in East Ukraine.

Maybe Obama's next intervention will be there?

So the sermon for today is short and sweet, and you won't hear it elsewhere:  we humans are not geniuses, most of the time we screw up.  Lots of what happens in the real world is the result of plans gone awry, underlings getting the details wrong, and consequences unforeseen become world-historical events.

In all probability, the Almighty put us here for entertainment value.  But we're not laughing much.  We don't get the cosmic jokes...