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Iran's War, and Ours, From Gaza to Caracas

Machiavelli considered tyranny the most unstable form of government, and the Tehran regime exemplifies tyranny's fragility.  Given a free choice, the Iranian people would remove the mullahcracy, and a freely chosen government would rein in the terror war now being waged against the West.  That would change the entire world.  It would strike at the heart of the global alliance that seeks our destruction. (Russia, another key element, is now scrambling to bust the remaining petroleum sanctions on Iran, having negotiated some sort of deal in recent days.  And the foreign minister of Venezuela, yet another keystone, has just embraced Rouhani in Tehran, promising yet-closer strategic cooperation)

Freedom in Iran requires Western political support, and at the moment there is no sign that any major Western leader will lead a campaign for it.  As time passes, the chances of peaceful change become slimmer and slimmer, and the chances of our being drawn into yet another round of military action become greater.

There is no inevitability to Western involvement in the increasingly bloody fighting. It will have been the result of failed leadership from Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and the others.  Lest we forget, Canada and Australia have at least rhetorically defended the honor of the Western world.  Let's hope that a new generation of European and American leaders emerges soon enough for the political option to get a chance.