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Courtesy of Tehran and the Whole Gang

Then there's Sudan, a vicious Islamist regime with which Tehran has been closely linked for decades.  Sudan is a key link in the smuggling chain that has long brought weapons to Gaza:  from Sudan through Egypt, into Gaza through a tunnel network of the sort we have seen so much of recently.  And don't forget that Sudan also gave space to Osama bin Laden for a while;  it was there, in fact, that he first started working with Hezbollah, which taught him useful skills like car bombing and simultaneous attacks.

It's a global network:  add Russia (very busy in Syria, not just Ukraine, lest we forget) and Cuba and Venezuela and Bolivia and Nicaragua playing significant roles.

So when you think about Gaza, remember that it's just one battlefield and one small war, a piece of a big war that threatens us more and more with every passing day.

Somebody should stand up and say these things, and ask our leaders why they aren't coming up with a strategy to win the big war.

Because if we don't win it, they will.

(Artwork based on a modified Shutterstock.com image.)