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2014: The World Without America. Or Is It?

Good strategy over the years, but not today.  The world is painfully coming to grips with something that no one could begin to imagine before 2009: a world in which America's leaders are opposed to the America of the past, and opposed to traditional American values. Leaders who think America has been a force for evil, and consequently must be restrained, weakened, and disarmed if possible.  Leaders who embrace our enemies, and ditch our old friends.  Leaders who support Iranian tyrants when the Iranian people take to the streets, risking everything for democracy.  Leaders who release men who murdered American soldiers, and who demand the Israelis do the same.  Leaders who enable Syria's Assad to prevail, and who favor the likes of Turkey's Erdogan as our privileged interlocutor. Leaders who embrace Venezuela's Chavez, and who support an anti-democratic coup in Honduras, and who do all they can to empower the Muslim Brotherhood, who hate us and want us dead or dominated.

It's hard to accept all this.   It's hard to accept anything that has never happened before, let alone something that seems so contrary to both logic and human nature.  But there it is.  I rather suspect that the French and the Saudis have accepted it.  I suspect they now know that we're not living in a world without America, but a world with an anti-American administration in power in Washington.

It's hard to accept it, but it's not hard to explain.  It's what happens when the advocates of cultural and political relativism--aka multiculturalism--take over the schools, and indoctrinate a generation to believe that America is exceptionally bad, not exceptionally good.  Obama, Kerry, Hillary, et al, are the products and paladins of that intellectual and cultural catastrophe.  As are the majority of the writers, broadcasters, and publishers.

Can the catastrophe be undone?  Nobody knows.  Nor does anyone know how long it may take to undo it, if indeed it's possible.  If it is possible, then countries like France and Saudi Arabia are going to have to change their behavior to cope with the new world.  They no longer have the lazy luxury of beating us up for doing what they want and expect us to do.  They're going to have to start doing it themselves.

We'll find out pretty soon if they're up to it.