Shut Up or I'll Kill You

The mission of a free society is to maximize the number of voices, not to remove some from the national debate, even on the grounds of protecting them.

The protectors have it half-backwards, at the very least. It's fine and dandy to provide security for those at risk, but the "hate speech" rules and laws give wrongheaded protection -- moral and political protection -- to those who incite violence against their critics. Nobody, and no group, should be sheltered from criticism, even vulgar criticism. Not Jews, not Muslims, not neocons, not liberals. Nobody. As it is currently played, the free speech game is wildly biased in favor of those demanding that their critics be silenced or punished.

These are the fruits of the wrongheaded doctrine of multiculturalism, the misguided notion that all cultures are equally worthy of respect -- especially those that attack the core values of Western civilization.

How much media have you seen about the war against free speech?  Not so much.  The media have a heavy burden of complicity in all of this, needless to say. They should be up in arms, but they more commonly play politics as usual.  The American cases noted above are symptomatic of a large universe of similar stories, and they are not subjects of the sort of media campaign that any self-respecting publication or network should be waging. Nor have the campuses rallied to the defense of unpopular (read “not politically correct”) advocates; students are censored, because their grades may well suffer if they demonstrate for the rights of "wrong-minded" individuals. They're intimidated to cater to the requirements of the mysterious doctrine of "cultural proficiency."

Finally, there is the failure of the political class to take up the cudgels on behalf of free speech. Yes, I know they have reason to fear the media, but if cowed they should go into a different line of work, or at least stop pretending to be leaders. American leaders, anyway.

Earlier: Back in 2009, PJM's Andrew Klavan explored in video form the media's chief message for conservatives -- and pretty much everyone else who disagreed with the MSM and the president's agenda: