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Killers on the Loose in Iran

In addition to underestimating Iranian corruption, we also underestimate the extent of internal conflict.  There's a lot of fighting among several factions, ranging from the Khamenei family to two or three elements of the Revolutionary Guards, the high clergy in Qom, the bazaaris, the Ahmadinejad loyalists, and the Larijani mafia.  The regime is riven by a war of all against all, especially as Khamenei's health periodically worsens, and his foreign doctors perform their miracles to enable him to function.

The factions are fighting for power and wealth, and I would not be surprised to see other top officials killed or wounded in the weeks and months to come.

Yet another reason for the West to maintain or increase pressure on the Iranian tyrants, and support the oppressed people of that most unhappy land.

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