Evil Lives: The Erich Priebke Story

The Priebke affair speaks to us today, at least to those of us determined to destroy such evil.  He should have been executed.  Inevitably, he became the object of protests against the "injustice" to which he'd been subjected.  He wrote a ponderous memoir.  I have no doubt that, if he is not executed, we will some day read a ponderous memoir from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and that demonstrators will protest his unjust treatment.  Indeed, there have already been many demonstrations against Guantanamo.

Priebke and his fellow SS killers executed the 335 innocents in order to break the will of any Italian inclined to resist the Nazis, just as the Muslim fanatics of 9/11 sought to break our will twelve years ago.  Do we want the 9/11 terrorists to live a hundred years?

I hope we will be spared the shame of endless appeals and retrials, but somehow I have the horrible suspicion that it's going to be Priebke all over again.