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Syria: the Dead Spook Solves It

JJA:  Remember the first hours of the Iraq War?  When the CIA claimed to have bombed Saddam in his bunker?

ML:  Do I ever!  I wrote a little piece  saying, "I bet Tenet went to W and said that we don't have to invade, we'll kill Saddam with a smart weapon, and we've got an excellent colonel primed to take over and play nicely."

JJA:  Good memory!

ML:  It's the vitamins, the B12...I owe it all to my pal Jarroll.

JJA::  Who?

ML:  Jarroll Rogovin. He makes the pills...

JJA:  Well, we don't need pills here, heh (coughing;  he always coughs when he chuckles).  But my point is that CIA always has a colonel ready to go in these cases.  It's one of their basic methods.

ML:  You talking about a coup?

JJA:  Well, suppose we had an asset at a high level of the Syrian military.  Lots of those guys have been defecting, right?  So there are channels.

ML:  So it's Baghdad again?

JJA:  I don't know anything, but I'd be surprised if someone hasn't whispered to the president, "Maybe we can coordinate a deadly strike on Assad's bunker with a seizure of power by our guy."

ML:  It didn't work in Baghdad, why should it work in Damascus?

JJA:  Just because it didn't work in 2003 doesn't mean it couldn't have worked.  Nor does it mean it couldn't work in 2013...

ML:  Spell it out a little more, it's interesting.

JJA:  We find out Assad's location and we kill him and his brother, and then our colonel proclaims that the beast is dead, that the military is now in charge, that they are prepared to call a cease-fire and will negotiate in good faith with legitimate opposition forces. ... He asks for a peacekeeping force right away, and for the immediate departure of "foreign forces" from Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as well as al-Qaeda and their crowd.

ML:  And what do the Iranians and Russians do?

JJA:  They spit.

No sooner were the words pronounced than the ouija board emitted a tremendous blast of static, and it was over.

You have to admit that those spooks have great imaginations, huh?