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The Road to Damascus Starts in Tehran

It is like fighting a known arsonist by waiting for him to ignite a conflagration and then calling the firemen to put it out.  To be sure, if you eliminate the arsonist there will still be flames and smoldering embers, but that problem is easier to manage than the certainty of new conflagrations set ablaze by the same fanatic.

Iran is the engine of the Syrian bloodbath.  Remove Tehran's killers, money, weapons, intelligence services and fanatical ideologues from the Syrian battlefield, and things will get better, perhaps much better.  And not only in the Middle East;  things will improve in Africa (talk to the Nigerians about that) and South and Central America.

How can so many policy makers, pundits, scribblers and babblers overlook Iran's centrality?  And how can so many of them fail to recognize the enormous power of the ongoing revolt against the theological fascists who hold power in Tehran and who have just lost power in Cairo?  The uprising that defenestrated the Muslim Brothers in Egypt was the biggest mass demonstration in the history of the world, but the self-proclaimed deep thinkers debate whether it qualifies for "coup," and suggest that the fascists should be given a share of power.

As the immortal Orwell reminds us, Winston Smith finally proclaimed "I love Big Brother."  All too many of our corrupt elite are headed down that path.  Enough, already.  Don't go to war against Eurasia yet again.  Fight the real war against the real enemy, with the lethal weapons our history has bequeathed us. No more Newspeak, tell it like it is:

Win in Damascus by supporting freedom in Tehran.