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The Metaphysics of Jailbreaks

If you want another recent example of how that works, have a look at the spectacular escape of two prisoners from a Swiss prison last week.  One, Milan Poparic, was a member of a celebrated group of thieves known as the "Pink Panther Gang."  The other was a kidnapper.  Here's the gist of it:

A pair of Poparic's pals drove two commercial vehicles through the front gate, pushed through barbed wire and set up two ladders over the prison walls--all while firing multiple rounds from automatic weapons to keep the guards at bay.

The plot was perfectly timed.  When Poparic's accomplices broke into the prison perimeter at 7:35 p.m., the inmates were outside for an exercise break.

No one was injured, authorities said.

And poof!  They're gone.  Nobody injured, never mind all those multiple rounds from automatic weapons.  For extras, we have two interesting factoids:  Poparic was the third Pink Panther to be sprung since May (!).  And his accomplice had broken out of the same prison a few years earlier.  Swiss security forces are among the best, but the Pink Panthers are very successful, and have plenty of cash to offer helpful people.  And so...one will get you five these were inside jobs.

Don't you think?  And we're talking about a country with a reputation for discipline and orderliness, not some wild Middle Eastern outpost with jihadis, militias and the like running around all the time.  The criminals in Iraq and Libya had all the advantages, and their successful breakout shames the local authorities and those who brag about leading with their collective behind from the White House.