Enough Already! Holder Must Go

But that's not what you're about.  You insist that Americans outside the workplace are basically the same racists as half a century before.  You may actually believe it, and you certainly want to use it , so you say it.  I don't want to guess why you say it, I just want it to stop.  It'll be overwhelmed by reality in short order, in any event;  what are you going to do with the children of mixed marriages?  What "race" will define them in your view of mankind?  Are you going to use the Nazi definitions of mixed race?  Or will you tailor your rhetoric to your audience (whites mostly think that Obama is "mixed race," while a majority of blacks think he's one of them)?

Throughout your tenure, you've acted as if one of your primary tasks were the protection of blacks against criticism and particularly against legal action, regardless of the facts in the cases.  I found the whitewash of the New Black Panthers' actions at a polling place in Philly during the 2008 elections particularly egregious, as did several Justice Department officials in the Civil Rights Division.  I'd be inclined to overlook it -- a single event, after all -- save for two things.  First, the behavior of your underlings, and second, the Panthers just showed up again in Florida in a "race case."

One of your cohorts at Justice seem to have dissembled about the whitewash. Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez swore that there was no political element involved in Justice's decision, but a federal district judge found otherwise:

political appointees within DOJ were conferring about the status and resolution of the New Black Panther Party case in the days preceding the DOJ’s dismissal of claims in that case, which would appear to contradict Assistant Attorney General Perez’s testimony that political leadership was not involved in that decision.

So your political cohorts were involved in the whitewash, and denied it in sworn testimony (and Thomas Perez, who provided the  false denial, is now up for secretary of Labor).  It's not the only case that suggests active sympathy for the Panthers.

As we have recently learned, Justice quietly helped organize the Florida demonstrations that clearly caused local legal authorities to reverse their original judgment, and bring charges in the now (and improperly) racially defined Zimmerman case.  Those demonstrations included the New Black Panthers.

No one could possibly characterize your race-driven proclivities better than you did, when you said, “I am the black U.S. attorney...there's a common cause that bonds the black U.S. attorney with the black criminal..."

This is not what we need from the nation's top legal officer.  It may well be a candid expression of your deepest passions, but it's wrong for the attorney general, or any legal official of the American government.  We need an indisputably even-handed, fair-minded and color-blind AG.  You're not that man.  You're pushing an agenda that most Americans don't like, based on a racially driven view of American history and society that is false, demeaning to most of us, and a threat -- whether deliberate or unanticipated -- to our continued progress. We don't need any more of this.

Enough already!  Please leave.