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Obama's New World Order: Power to Our Enemies, Death to Our Friends, and a Fish in the President's Face


His African expedition produced stern moral lectures about gay marriage from the presidents of Senegal and Kenya, and a cold fish in the face from Vladimir Putin, who trampled Obama at their latest get-together. The Russian president has thrown more cold fish regarding the Snowden affair.

Add it all up: embrace radical ideologues, abandon those who advocate greater freedom, and what do you get? Contempt, which Machiavelli tells us is the most dangerous reaction to any would-be leader.

Contempt is fully justified; Obama is constantly overtaken by events. "Leading from behind" is simply another way of admitting that this president doesn't understand the dynamics that are roiling the world.  Well, what did you expect from a product of our failed educational system? Our most prestigious colleges produce graduates who know very little about the real world;  they get indoctrinated rather than educated. They are ignorant, yet they are firmly convinced that America is the root cause of the world's problems, and they sing the false incantations of political correctness: that all cultures (except ours) are equally worthy of respect, and all men (except ours) are basically good.

You can find true believers in the dormitories of our best liberal arts universities, often side by side with their professors. One of them got himself elected president, and he is producing the ruinous results you'd expect from such a misguided worldview.

Unable to cope, incapable of leading, Obama is dragged along in the wake of a geopolitical tidal wave. He takes "credit" for whatever actually happens, and pretends that it's a Good Thing. This worked for a while, thanks in large part to a sycophantic media and a pathetic opposition in Washington, but Obama's dropping popularity suggests that time is now working against him.  The world see through the fluff and feathers.

When the president of the United States only attracts a handful of admirers to hear him speak in Berlin, and gets booed in Soweto, you know that things are not going well.



images courtesy shutterstock / Willyam Bradberry / SELEZNEV VALERY