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Obama Speaks, The Heart Sinks

It's all backwards.  After all, this president welcomes illegal immigrants to the White House, and shuns US border agents.

No surprise, then, that the main weapons to be used against terrorists are:  close Gitmo, send captured terrorists to places like Yemen, kill a few more al Qaida types with drones, and, for heaven's sake, keep giving foreign aid to countries that have gone over to the dark side.

I half expected him to call for an end to sanctions on Iran.  Or at least to show some understanding for Ali Khamenei and his gang.  But Obama didn't have to do that.  John Kerry had already begged Congress to withhold further action against the Islamic Republic until a new president had been chosen.

This sad sortie into the wonderland of our foreign policy goes hand in hand with the Cairo speech that hailed the accomplishments of the Muslim world and promised a new relationship with the United States.  That hasn't worked out very well, but the president won't admit it.  Just as his solution for runaway debt is more debt, his solution for the war against us--the one whose existence he denies--is to accept our culpability, and withdraw from the battlefield.  He bragged about the retreat from Iraq--as that unhappy land is overrun with terrorists--and promises a speedy retreat from Afghanistan.

And then he invoked a "lesson" from history.  "All wars end."  Someone should have leaped to her feet at that moment and quoted an ancient wise man, Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus:  "If you want peace, prepare for war."  Not this guy.  Obama is in full retreat, and will have more war.  That's the way it usually works.

Instead, a leader of Code Pink leaped to her feet and demanded the immediate closure of Gitmo.  It was almost certainly a set-up, and nicely encapsulated the whole farce.