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The War Intensifies. We Babble About Peace and Retreat.

Meanwhile, our erstwhile friends, like Karzai, are running from us, while our enemies clearly think they've got the wind at their backs, and that they have nothing to fear from us.  The Iranians' internal propaganda is grinding out stories describing a new American generosity, and the regime is telling the people that sanctions will soon be reduced.  I'm sure the Iranian workers hope it's true, since layoffs are quite widespread.  But the regime's main point, that the United States will do nothing to challenge the hegemony of the theocrats, is by now widely accepted. And why not?  Our fecklessness has certainly been documented over the last many years.

Our leaders keep saying that Obama's not bluffing when he says he will prevent the Iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons, but words won't do it anymore.  Unfortunately, when you lead with your behind for several years, the only way to convince an enemy that you're serious is to prove it.  And with Iran, the only way to prove it--short of acts of war, which I oppose and which I do not believe Obama has any intention of ordering--is to challenge the regime by supporting its internal enemies.

The course we're on invites our enemies to attack us and our real and potential allies.  And so the war intensifies.

You won't hear about this on the evening news, or read about it in the dying dead tree media, but that's the way it is.