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The Bus Drivers Are Taking Over

What does it all mean?  It might mean that educational credentials, which for a very long time have been considered the magic wand that opens the doors of wealth and power, are losing their importance.  Sure, Vietor went to Kenyon, a good college, but his career (starting with a stint on John Edwards' failed presidential campaign, after which he moved into Obama's ranks) wasn't the result of academic prowess.  He worked his way up.  Ditto for Osanloo and Maduro.

Or maybe it means that it's all about oil, which is often moved in big trucks, and guys who know how to do it are more important than, say, lawyers.

Nah.  More likely it's the vision thing.  Truck drivers have to have it.  If anyone is mission-driven, it's the guy behind the wheel, heading down the road at all hours, braving the elements, reaching the destination, not getting caught up in traffic or distracted by clever chit-chat on the CB radio.

Finally, bus drivers are for real.  Not phony intellectuals, not thumb-sucking Nobel Prize winners who pretend to run government agencies.  Maduro and Osanloo have proven their mettle, and I'm expecting great things from Vietor.