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Jeff Sessions for President

If Obama and the Democrats had a plan, we'd have seen it. They don't have one. Why not? Sessions: "Because they decided it would be better to offer no solution, no plan to help struggling Americans, and instead to tear down anyone who dared to offer a plan to solve our nation’s economic problems."

The president and his followers have no interest in solving our problems; their interest is in annihilating the opposition. Sessions: "attack anyone who dares to reduce the size of the bureaucracy. Attack anyone who suggests Washington is too powerful. Attack, attack, attack—while never offering anything to help Americans who are struggling every day."

Because they are building a vast, intrusive state that they hope will solidify their power for generations to come. Jack Lew is an avatar of that frightful mission, and Sessions implored his colleagues to reject both the nominee and the mission.

To no avail, as you know, and as Sessions knew. But he refused to shut up, and we'll hear a lot more from him. He's got the right words and the right music. He speaks sadly, not in a phony rage. He's the real deal. Ask those who go to Bethesda Naval Hospital, and they'll tell you that Jeff Sessions has regularly gone into the wards where our wounded warriors are being treated. Which is further evidence of his understanding of the proper mission of an American leader.

You don't get razzle-dazzle, and he talks slowly. But listen to him. He's the best we've got.