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The Syrian War Has Metastasized. Is Obama in It?

A more specialized publication, Iran Military News, notes mounting attacks in Balouchi areas in the southeast. Oddly, neither the WaPo nor the military publication mentions the sad assassination of three outstanding female Kurdish leaders in Paris (read a PJ Media report here) in early January, which some analysts believe was organized by Iranian intelligence. It would not be surprising if the assassinations in Iranian Kurdistan were acts of revenge.

Meanwhile, the regime has been pounding its chest, making the usual mess of its missions at home and abroad, and inventing tall tales for those who carefully parse every bit of official manure in the hope of finding a diplomatic pony somewhere in the pile. In a spectacular snafu, the regime launched a new oil platform, which promptly sank into the Gulf. Here's the video. Eager to demonstrate military power and technological prowess, the mullahs trotted out one fairy tale after another, falsely claiming to have developed a new fighter plane, to have sent a chimpanzee into orbit, and screwing up various efforts to kill Westerners all over the place.

We're dealing with a hollow regime. The only thing it does effectively is torture and kill, and if the West had the slightest inclination to bring down the Islamic Republic, it could be accomplished without firing a shot or dropping a bomb; it would suffice to support the internal opposition.

But then, it would most likely have sufficed in Syria, and so far as I know, we have yet to lift a finger to bring down the Assad tyranny. What a shameful legacy.