The Global War

You should also ponder the effect on those nations whose survival is seriously threatened by the grand anti-American alliance, countries that include Israel, Jordan, Brazil and Argentina. If we will not move against our own killers -- Iran in the forefront -- how can they expect us to help them fight against their mortal enemies? Obama's snub of Netanyahu dramatically underscores this message to all our enemies' targets.

Romney was right to be outraged at Obama's fecklessness, and I suspect most Americans share his strong gut reaction. The anger of the press pundits, trying to make him the villain of the piece, will likely further erode their low standing. Time will tell, but for the moment my main hope is that he will stick to his guns.

In one of those quiet moments that bespeaks the Almighy's refined sense of humor, the State Department has once again reminded us that Iran supports al-Qaeda, just as al-Qaeda is taking credit for a new slaughter of Americans. But Foggy Bottom withholds the other shoe, which is the imperative to go to the source of the killings. It is time, indeed long past time, for serious diplomats and military leaders to resign in protest against our pathetic Iran policy, and call for Western support for the beleaguered Iranian opposition. More than anything, that is what the Iranian tyrants fear.

If we do not support revolution within Iran, we will get more of these attacks, and more dead Americans. In the end, we will fulfill Churchill's prophecy to Chamberlain on the day after Munich: you thought you had to choose between dishonor and war. You chose dishonor, and you will have war. We may yet have time to choose honor -- support those who have already risked their lives to defeat our enemies -- and avoid the big war relentlessly engulfing us.

Faster. Please.