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The CIA Goes to the Movies

Those who can still think logically will notice that the last, very compound, sentence is in conflict with the first two.  The first two say that it is "false" to suggest that enhanced interrogations "were the key to finding Bin Laden."  But the last one says that question "cannot and never will be definitively resolved."

What's going on?  It's pretty obvious that CIA is pre-emptively distancing itself from the next attacks on Americans.  When they take place, the CIA wants us to know "it's not our fault."

It's especially silly since the terrorists aren't bloody likely to want to call attention to the successful operation that killed one of their heroes.  Zero Black Thirty makes US look good, after all.  We tenaciously hunt him down, while they break and give us the information that dooms bin Laden.  You think our enemies want the whole world to see that?

I don't think so.

I think they need to spend more time defeating our enemies, and less writing convoluted movie reviews.