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Letter to My European Friends

No more.  In most areas of culture, America is more creative.  Europe is boringly predictable, and there is very little that compares to the energy of America, nothing approaching the “can-do” spirit of the American people, nothing comparable to American entrepreneurial creativity.  The clearest evidence of the decadence of the European spirit is the dramatic drop in birth rates.  We’ve got lots of children.  You’ve seemingly given up on that most important kind of creativity.

The Europe I loved, and still love, is increasingly a theme park.  It’s fun to visit, but it’s no longer a source of creative inspiration.  Europeans seem to me to have abdicated their liberties to their governments, provided that the governments provide them with an easy life, replete with free medical care, plenty of vacations, and no international obligations.  Surely you know that very few of your tax euros go towards your defense.  We have been paying that bill for decades, and our soldiers and military power have been protecting you.

So don’t be surprised—but you should be very concerned—that we are increasingly looking across the Pacific.  It’s no accident that the most brilliant and talented Americans are increasingly Asians, not Europeans.

We don’t want to follow your example.  And your landslide support of Obama—who has done terrible damage to America—confirms my pessimism about your future.

Indeed, just as these poll results were published, I noticed another headline, announcing record levels of European unemployment.  The two things go hand in hand.  Only the energies of a free people can sustain the creation of wealth, and the sort of state that you have created, both on a national and continental level, stifles those energies.  We, too, are having a difficult time, due in part to our own blunders, and in part because the Obama administration doesn’t seem to appreciate how exceptional America is.  You turn to your leaders to solve those problems.  Most of us—or so I hope—would prefer that the government get out of our way and let us find the best remedies by ourselves.

We have a chance to do that, especially if we thumb our noses at your bad  advice, and send Obama to early retirement on the island of Oahu.