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Between Two Worlds

And, lest we forget, such denials are echoed viciously by the leading media, who have long since ceased reporting about the real world in favor of promulgating the fantasyland of their fellow oracles.  As I predicted last time, this did not earn them respect or honor from the American people.  And that's good news.

Even though Obama's would-be successor does not seem to grasp the urgency of the moment, the American people seem to me to have a better grasp of things.  You can spin all you want about government-managed statistics, but in our homes and schools, real Americans know that things are very bad.  You can concoct all the fantasies you want about crazed killers of Americans, real Americans see the bloodshed and know that we are under assault.  And I believe that we will make all that clear on election day.  I know Romney's not a great candidate, but he's not Obama, and that's the only issue.

I wish Romney would stop listening to the campaign managers, and listen more to his gut, which drove him to make a good, strong statement when our guys were attacked and killed in Egypt and Libya.  I hope he finds the courage to speak truth to power in the next few weeks, and calls out this shameful administration for its fecklessness, its betrayal of our troops and our people, and its amazingly insouciant willigness to invent a new fable most every day.  That would give us some hope that a President Romney might be able to navigate the tsunami approaching our civilization.

And yes, even master it.  I think we're ready to engage the war for our future.  The bad guys have had a long, free run at us.  Time to get serious.