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The Real War Redux: Syria's Only One Battlefield, Stupid

A lot to keep track of, to which we can add al-Qaeda, Pakistan, Israel, and Lebanon.  And all the while, the Iranian pot continues to boil.  There's the ongoing nuclear enrichment, and the internal pain caused by the sanctions, all well summarized by the invaluable Wisconsin Project.  The natives, as if they needed additional stimuli, are manifestly more restless by the day.  Consider this:  one of the main instruments of regime terror against the people is the practice of public hangings.  This has prompted public criticism, both from human rights activists and from psychiatrists, warning of terrible psychological damage to young people.  And that's the least of it.  In the city of Sirjan, the regime strung up three men, and the spectators rioted, charged the executioners, drove them off, cut down the intended victims, and saved them.

Here is the spectacular video.

Back in Tehran, at Friday services, Ayatollah Jannati, the head of the Guardian Council,  came up with a new great line to characterize the manifest inability of the regime to cope with its many problems.  Take a deep breath before you laugh:  "Heat, cold, and high prices are in God's hands."

Vintage Groucho.

The Iranian opposition is growing, as the cost of survival rises relentlessly.   Did you catch the latest "accident" at the country's biggest petrochemical plant?  Read al-AP's account all the way down, and you'll see that they suspect it wasn't an accident at all.  I'll let you know in a few...

While you're waiting, you can read an article I just did for Foreign Affairs, which I hope will give you a fuller appreciation of the Green Movement, and documents the regime's great, and fully justified, fear of the Iranian people.  As an unnamed citizen told a reporter, the regime "knows a storm is coming, they just don't know when."

You know too.

UPDATE:  The FSA now claims that the "pilgrims" were members of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.