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Iran's Chickens Coming Home to Roast. Or Not...

All of which led the Islamic Republic's leading lights to look for solutions.  No, not solutions to the chicken crisis itself -- that's beyond them -- but of course ways to quell the people's anger.  So the chief of police told movie makers and TV producers to eliminate scenes of chicken eaters, because "certain people, seeing the class gap between rich and poor, might grab a knife and think they will grab their share from the rich."  Perhaps the remnants of the anti-Wall Street movement might take a Ramadan break in Iran this summer, and lead their oppressed brothers and sisters in a mass movement of righteous indignation.

Not likely, I know.  They probably believe Vice President Rahimi, who predictably blamed the whole mess on a foreign conspiracy.

But the Iranians know better.

It's quite a conjunction of bad news for Supreme Leader Khamenei and  his henchmen:  there's a drought; the country's biggest inland lake, Oroumiyeh, is shrinking (shades of the Soviet catastrophe at the Aral Sea), and the locals are demonstrating there as well.

And every day, Khamenei looks West, toward the setting Syrian sun, and dreads the likelihood that he is watching his own destiny unfold.

Faster, please!

UPDATE:  One chicken demonstrator killed.  And an international movement to free Iranian women from the requirement of wearing the hijab is getting pretty big.

I've always said that the women are the most potent revolutionary force in the "Muslim world."  Ahem.