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Spies and Killers

ML:  "Well we know the FBI has those investigations running, don't we?"

JJA:  "Yes, we do, thanks to the press, once again.  Very thoughtful of them to alert our enemies..."

ML:  "Do you worry about really high-level penetrations?  I mean, maybe somebody who works in the White House, for example, or high up in the Pentagon?  In W's second term, I got called by a character in the office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense, who asked me to meet with some guys from the Muslim Brotherhood.  That gave me pause..."

JJA:  "It doesn't have to be a high-level penetration to be really dangerous.  Someone who handles encryption, for example, is an ideal target for enemy intelligence agencies.  I always worried about that a lot, as I worried about security on our borders."

ML:  "Ah, thanks for reminding me.  There's a third story, about the Cultural Attache at the Iranian Embassy up in Canada.  This guy, Hamid Mohammadi, gave an interview to a Farsi-language tv station in the course of which he:

urged all Iranian-Canadians to “resist being melted into the dominant Canadian culture” to aspire to “occupy high-level key positions” and said the embassy plans to extend its reach by offering “cultural programs” to Iranian immigrants and their descendants, who can then “be of service to our beloved Iran.”

That's worrisome, isn't it?

JJA:  "Sure, but it's incitement, not espionage, although appeals of this sort might motivate potential agents to contact the Embassy."

ML:  "So what should we do?"

JJA:  "Vote wisely in November."