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Khamenei in Isolation as Revolutionary Guards Threaten Mayhem, Kill Drunks

The sort of attack the Iranians are prepared to unleash is verbal, not military, and a great rhetorical assault was on display recently in Tehran, when Vice President Rahimi accused "Zionists" of drug trafficking, which he said was endorsed by Talmudic commentary:

Rahimi said the Talmud, or canon of Jewish religious law, "teaches them how to destroy non-Jews so as to protect an embryo in the womb of a Jewish mother", according to excerpts published by the Fars news agency.

He accused "Zionists", a term the Iranian government usually applies to Israelis and their Jewish supporters abroad, of inciting drug trafficking. "You cannot find a single addict among the Zionists," Rahimi said.

He went on to assert that the Zionists ordered gynecologists to kill black babies, and for extras blamed the Jews for the Russian Revolution.

Even some European diplomats were shocked, shocked, I suppose because they would prefer such remarks be made in private. But everybody knows that Khamenei and his henchmen believe this bile, and that given the opportunity they will act on it.

But not yet.