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Madness in High Places

The Syrian thing requires that Western leaders follow the advice of the church in San Casciano, but they are not serious people and they dread taking serious action.  So instead they sent a few diplomats back to Damascus.  The Western chiefs know -- as every informed person knows, but hardly anyone the other side of PJ Media will say -- that serious action against the Assad tyranny will likely have unforeseeable consequences, including the destabilization of the whole region.  They don't want that.  They would prefer that Assad wipe out the opposition quickly, as they long preferred that Gaddaafi do the same.  But now their disgusting failure to advance the cause of freedom is becoming so embarrassingly obvious that they thought they should do something.  But diplomatic action -- an oxymoron, I know -- is now irrelevant to the Middle East theater of the global war being waged against us by Iran and its allies.  There is no way that the Russians will go quietly for regime change in Damascus, even though Obama keeps saying that he welcomes Russia's influence in Syria.

That's disgusting squared.

Finally, my longtime friend Radek Sikorski, the excellent foreign minister of Poland, berated Obama for speaking of "Polish death camps," when the death camps in Poland were run under German occupation.  True enough. But if I were a Polish government official, I would not want to provoke a big international debate over Polish antisemitism.  Yes, the Germans ran the camps, but lots of Poles were very much in favor of the Shoah, and did a lot of it themselves.  I might have softly pointed out Obama's historical inaccuracy, but I would not have pounded the table and demanded a full apology.

I mean, this president has made so many historical errors, this is just another example of the incompetence of his staff and his own great ignorance of the facts of the modern world.  All a tribute to the lousy educational system that produced him.

And by the way, with whom did he study at Columbia and Harvard?  And how did he do?