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Apologizing to Our Killers

That is not the way the leader of the world's lone superpower should act.  Indeed, he got it backwards.  If he wanted to make a first-person appearance regarding either of the two events -- the Koran burning and the murder of Americans -- he should have delegated the apology (which should have been an explanation, including the apparent defacing of Korans by the Afghan inmates, rather than the exaggerated apology to everyone in sight) and personally denounced the murders.

That denunciation should have included strong words against the religious fanatics, who by the way were clearly well prepared to act when something like the Koran burning took place.  And, when the Taliban took "credit" for the murders, the president should have ordered an end to the "peace" negotiations infamously in process.

You want to leave?  Then leave.  But don't pretend that any honorable agreement can be reached with such barbarians.  Unfortunately, the president is committed to making deals with enemies who will pocket our every sign of weakness -- like a deal with the Taliban, or, in like manner, with the Iranian regime -- and keep on killing us.

I dread tomorrow morning's news.