Iran's Two-Front War

Nor is Syria the only battleground for Khamenei; the Iranians continue to guide the slaughter of civilians and NATO troops from Baghdad to Kabul, and in all likelihood were involved in the recent bombing of UN headquarters in the Nigerian capital which looks very much like a similar action in Baghdad some years ago.

The Iranian regime is frantically trying to cope with two grave crises, one in Syria that threatens to deprive them of the main operational base for the sort of proxy war the regime has always favored. The other comes from within, from their own restive population. In each case, the tyrants in Tehran are bringing all possible force to bear. Thousands of Revolutionary Guards participate in the daily slaughter of Syrian citizens, and, in a reprise of one of comrade Stalin's greatest hits, the regime is attempting to organize a show trial for at least one of the leaders of the Green Movement. Mehdi Karroubi, the movement's #2, has been placed in solitary confinement, and it is reportedly under great psychological pressure to agree to make a public confession of crimes against the Islamic Republic. It's unlikely they will break him, for while he is not young, he seems to be quite brave, having braved physical assaults in the streets of Tehran and openly accused the regime of widespread torture, including the systematic rape of prisoners, one of the practices for which this regime will long be remembered.

If only we had an administration with the will to defeat our major enemy in the world's most sensitive region, we could probably enable the Iranian people to bring down the dreadful Islamic Republic in relatively short order, without firing a shot or dropping a bomb. But this is an administration that wants to be begged before it acts, and moves with little baby steps before doing anything serious. It took half of forever to get the president to say "Assad must go," and he has still not pronounced the magic phrase about Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and the others in Tehran, even though the carnage in Iran -- and the list of Americans killed by the regime -- dwarfs the Syrian horrors.

Some day the top officials of this administration, like those who came before them, will be asked why they did nothing for so long, what on earth they thought they could accomplish without responding to the murderous assaults from our main enemy. I cannot imagine what they will say.