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Who's REALLY Blowing Up Iran?

Because it's obvious that whoever's blowing up Iran, they've got a lot of help from some very important insiders.  Don't take it from me;  ask Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  He knows that if his enemies can blow up those installations, they can blow up most anything.  Of late, Khamenei hasn't been particularly active in public events.  Like his buddy, Hezbollah chief Nasrullah, he's keeping his head down and his profile low.

Not that Khamenei has taken vows of solitude and silence.  He's fired several top Revolutionary Guards generals and colonels.  Al Arabiya  and other lovers of fairy tales would have us believe that Khamenei was the target of the Karaj bombing, and therefore he purged the Guards.  But Khamenei wasn't the target (there was no reason to believe he would attend the ceremony;  after all, he didn't even show up for the inauguration of the Bushehr nuclear plant), and while some of the Guards were indeed fired because of the bombings--they came from the counter-intelligence and "defense" organizations who are supposed to protect such facilities--others were fired because of their involvement in the burgeoning financial scandal.  Other "analysts" suggest that Khamenei's son had joined President Ahmadinejad in trying to kill the old man, but there is nothing to it.  Ahmadinejad might well want Khamenei to reach paradise with all due speed, but he wasn't involved in this affair.

The sources upon whom I rely for such information tell me there is more to come, and I'm sure that the supreme leader believes just that.  He may not know the provenance of the army amassed against him and his regime, and he may well convince himself, as our own entrail readers have convinced themselves, that he is under siege from the satanic forces in Washington and Jerusalem.  But I don't believe it.  Maybe--probably, even-Stuxnet.  I don't think the Greens are up to that one.  Maybe, if you insist, some of the assassinations of the physicists, although I rather suspect they were suspected of disloyalty and were rubbed out by the regime.

But this is a major campaign, and I think it represents the revenge of the Iranian people against their torturers, murderers and oppressors.

Who could blame them?

UPDATE:  Thanks to Tom Wilson for the nice mention and good discussion.  http://www.thecommentator.com/article/735/who_is_really_fighting_the_covert_war_against_the_regime_in_iran_