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Returning the Terrorists to Tehran

Many of those who are upset with this situation are venting their spleen on Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, but that strikes me as unrealistic.  What would you do in his position, whatever your innermost feelings about Iran? The Americans are about to leave in a few more days. Right across the border, and indeed all over your own country, the Iranians are preparing to enhance their power at your expense. If you are too obstreperous, they'll blow you up. So of course you're going to cater to Iranian desires, recommendations, and hints.

Can Maliki possibly expect to survive a confrontation with Iran?  Can he possibly expect any effective protection from Obama?  No way.  This is, after all, a president who staged a musical comedy in DC just a few weeks ago to accuse Tehran of plotting mass murder in our capital.  And then did nothing, except to go public with a pathetic request that the Iranians return our drone.

That’s a variation on the president’s main theme with regard to the Iranian regime that kills Americans most every day:  let’s make a deal.

The only deal the Iranians are interested in is the sort Ali Musa Daqduq made with five brave Americans in Iraq nearly four years ago, but the president persists in his fantasy of reaching “peace” with the Islamic Republic.  So even though many senators and congressmen, and virtually every leading newspaper in the country have insisted that justice be done to this monster, it’s hard to imagine that Obama’s going to dig in his heels and tell the Iranians that he won’t make this shameful act of appeasement.

After all, it would annoy the supreme leader no end.