Who's Blowing Up Iran?

I suppose some copy editor took out "ordering the" before "killing" and the "of" right after it, but sure, full marks for seeing it through.  As for the Libyan, Egyptian, Tunisian and Iraqi decisions, the jury's out, and seems to be leaning against Cohen's client nowadays.  The blows to Al Qaeda--by which he is referring to drone attacks and the like--are fine, albeit the really vicious body blow was the defeat of AQ and their sponsors in Iraq.  If you think our national image has been "restored" under this president as a result of his great foreign policy, more power to you.  Ring up Roger in London, maybe he'll give you tea.

Since I'm pretty much the only guy in town who forecast the war against the mullahs, and it's now so obvious that even MSM reporters and columnists can mention it without blushing, I'm sticking to my story.  I don't think the ongoing assault against the regime is coming from outside Iran.  I think it comes from the Iranian opposition within the country.  And I think it shows that the opposition is a great deal stronger than the experts have opined.

If you were Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, what would you be saying to that unhealthy face in the mirror?  You'd say, "they come and go at will;  they obviously have the full cooperation of traitors at very high levels of the regime, even inside the Guards.  They not only knew Moghaddam was going to be there, but exactly where and when.  Now Isfahan, another heavily guarded base.  That doesn't look like Zionists and infidels, whose pathetic collaborators we round up easily over and over again;  it looks like people who are trusted and supported by the traitors in my own house."

When a regime cracks, even very high officials start to do favors for the opposition, hoping to avoid the worst if the regime comes down.  Khamenei knows that the head of the shah's secret intelligence service went on to hold the same position under the fanatical Ayatollah Khomeini.  Recent events will have convinced the supreme leader that his own security may be as compromised as the shah's was.

Add to this the dreams common to regular users of opium (Khamenei is one of them) and you've got a very explosive situation.