The War Against the Mullahs

There is another, fascinating report, that right after the explosions, the two main Green Movement leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, were taken from house arrest, leaving their wives behind.  This bespeaks a high level of anxiety within the regime, suggesting that they feared an all-out assault was under way, and under those circumstances they would take vengeance on the two Green leaders.  Whether or not the rumor is true, its existence suggests that Khamenei et. al. take a more serious view of the opposition than some of our own expert analysts.

What this all means is clear enough.  As I forecast some time ago, it was only a matter of time until the opposition abandoned its commitment to non-violence.  We are now in a new phase.  A French analyst, Jean-Jacques Guillet, understands the situation very well, and has called for a Western policy to intensify the pressure on the Iranian regime in order to bring it down.  “If we press the regime strongly,” he said, “there could be an implosion. The real objective these days should be the regime’s implosion, not more talk.”

Instead, we have leaders who still believe in the talking cure, and who seem not even to know what the Iranian opposition wants, even when it's delivered to them in black and white.  As it was, at the height of the turmoil in 2009.

That story is still untold, but it's coming out.  Soon, I think...stay tuned.