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I'm Baffled. What's He Up To?

It might be a turf fight.  The “intelligence” in this case didn’t come from CIA, and the FBI seems to have been brought in after the conspiracy had been penetrated by the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Agency.  FYI, the big shots in Langley think that DEA is composed of rednecks who don’t know anything about much of anything.  But here the president is trotting out the attorney general to announce a big story that comes from redneckland.  So maybe the first story comes from jealous and very annoyed spooks in Langley or the Bureau (one of the al-Reuters reporters, Mr Hosenball, has worked the Agency beat for many years, so it could be).  But it’s still baffling

But this is only a relatively minor bafflement.  The big one is why the big announcement was made at all. The common-sense explanation — which hardly ever explains the actions of the Obama administration — is that the president has decided to act against the Tehran regime, and this event would justify action.  The frenzied anti-war crowd seems to believe it’s about to happen, as they so often do.  But I don’t believe that for a second.  He’s not going to do anything except go to the UN and ask for even more sanctions.

Yes, I’ve heard the “wag the dog” theory, according to which this announcement was supposed to divert attention from Eric Holder’s problems with congressional committees looking into the practice of arming Mexican drug lords, some of whom killed Americans with guns obtained from America thanks to the abovesaid program.  I don’t find that very convincing, and indeed Holder is right back in the spotlight, subpoenas are flowing, and the criticism is mounting.

So what’s up?

The great barber, Occam, would say it’s easy to understand:  we’re governed by buffoons.

Could be. But it's still baffling, if you get my drift.