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The Insurrection Is On, But the Masochists are Running the Government

A few humorists in the Parliament suggested that the regime might devote some attention to security.

--In case you were wondering, not everyone in the opposition subscribes to Ghandian non-violence, even though the two main figures in the Greeen Movement -- Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi -- have always insisted on it.  Some Kurdish groups seem unconvinced, and in recent weeks more than a dozen Revolutionary Guards have been killed by gunfire in Kurdistan.  Kurdish casualties are less than half; the Ahwazis have been shooting back as well, but it's hard to get casualty figures.  Just today, a big bomb went off in a central square in Sanandaz, apparently aimed at the Guards.

In short, our two main enemies in the Middle East, the two regimes that, more than any other, are engaged in killing Americans and friends of America, are in a jam.  This has not compelled them to moderate their behavior either toward us or toward our friends and allies.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  Secretary Clinton permitted herself the mild complaint that Iran is "meddling" in the Arab insurrections, and from time to time one of our military leaders in the field annoys the policy makers by reminding the world that Iran is still busy in the "Death to America" business.  The State Department noted Iranian support for Assad.  We recently saw a couple of Iranian planes forced to land in Turkey in the space of a week.  As expected, they were running guns, bombs, and ammunition in the direction of Syria.

So what does our government do, when faced with a splendid opportunity to advance the cause of freedom, strike a blow at the world's leading supporter of terrorism, and perhaps even convince waverers around the world that American support is worth something after all?

We tell the Syrian opposition to take a hike, that's what.  As Eli Lake tells us,

The Obama administration has turned down a plea from Syria’s democratic opposition to step up diplomatic pressure on President Bashar Assad, who has violently repressed peaceful anti-government protests

Please read that again and notice that the Obama administration turned down a plea for DIPLOMATIC pressure on poor Assad.  Faggetit.

Can anyone detect a pattern here?  Mubarak must go.  Qadaffi must go.  But no diplomatic pressure on Assad, nor, aside from the occasional Obama video, any tough talk to the Iranians.

It's an operational definition of appeasing your worst enemies and dissing friends and (what's the best way to define Qadaffi?) a would-be or sometimes friend.  Which is a very masochistic foreign policy.  It's what you get from a president who sees America as the root cause of mischief, and perhaps even evil, in the world, and is more concerned about punishing his own people than fighting our enemies.

UPDATE:  The explosion in Sanandaz was one of two.  The official report claims they were just noise-makers...