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The Wimp Goes to War

I don't think that Obama and his three Valkyries (Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power) see the big war plain, but I hope they see the logic according to which if-it's-right-to-defend-Libyans-it's-even-more-right-to-defend-Iranians-and-Syrians.  There is one pretty straw in the wind:  Obama's video to the Iranian people on the occasion of the Norooz holiday.  "I am with you," he said to young Iranians fighting their evil regime.  No more outstretched hand, it seems.

It isn't a pretty moment, but as we all know, it's better to be lucky than to be smart.  If, through the confused underbrush of mushy internationalism and humanitarian interventionism we arrive at a decision to finally challenge our main enemies, I'll take it.  If we get an end to the reign of the fanatics in Damascus and Tehran, the whole world will change, decidedly for the better.

Valkyries!  If we could bring down the Soviet Empire without bombing Leningrad, we can surely bring down the hollow tyrannies of our mortal enemies in the Middle East in a similar manner.  Khamenei's Islamic Republic is even more fragile than Gorbachev's Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

If, on the other hand, we're doing the Libya thing because our leader wants to show the world that he's fully capable of dropping bombs on a madman with oil, then the world will get decidedly grimmer.

Obama!  Now that your brackets have been busted (yes, I was at the Verizon Center when little Butler brought down big bad Pitt), play in the big leagues.  We're America, we dream big dreams, we can change the world.  You'll love it.  But go for the big win, go for victory in the big war, the real war.  The little places will become oh so much easier.