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What if They Are Already Here?

So we've got thousands (!) of dangerous Middle Easterners in prison (not counting the many "diplomatic personnel" we've kicked out of the country, like those Iranians working at the UN caught photographing subway stations and bridges in the middle of the night), and surely we do not have them all.  Some of them must have burrowed in.  A friend in the FBI told me, in the nineties, that they had identified sleeper terrorists working as doctors, dentists, and attorneys.  They had excellent "cover," in short, they were not what most people imagine (crazed fanatics running around with scimitars shouting short phrases in Arabic and praying in airports on their little carpets).

And then there is the frightening story of a possible fifth terrorist team on 9/11.  This is documented by a Wikileaks classified cable given to the London Telegraph.

It tells of a 3-man team of Qataris who flew from London to the United States, staked out some targets in New York and Washington, and then went to southern California.  They were scheduled on the American Airlines plane that hit the Pentagon (the one on which Barbara Olson was murdered), but, at the last minute, they switched flights and left the country.

So they've come here.  Some have installed themselves among us, others have passed through.  But doubt not that there are terrorists waiting for the "go code" to attack.  Indeed, we often find them in the trunks of nice cars crossing our borders.

We're at war, but our leaders are forever forbidding us to even say it.  Yet denial will only make things worse, offering more opportunities to our would-be killers.  You know, the ones that don't officially exist.  Except they always have.