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The Iranian Civil War

You know that famous satellite photo of the Korean peninsula, the one where the south is all aglitter with lights and the north is virtually all dark?  The mullahs want to turn off all the cultural and informational lights except for a few that they control.

Big Brother would have approved.  Except that it's too late.  The Iranians are too educated and too informed to go quietly, and the regime's campaign is doomed.  Indeed, it is one of those efforts that is too impotent to succeed, but just enough to get the people much angrier.

Which is yet another reason why the demonstrations are getting bigger and stronger.

One more time:  if the West supported the opposition we could be rid of this evil regime and change the world.  I know, believe me, that Obama doesn't want this to happen because he mistakenly believes that we do not have standing to challenge a regime that quite understandably and even properly, in his view of things, hates us.

But one day he's going to send a message of congratulations to the new leaders of a free Iran, and they're going to ask him where he's been, and why they should be happy to hear from him.

What will he say, I wonder?