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Germans to Turks to Mullahs: The Back Door

We can put it even more baldly.  The Germans ransomed their hostages by evading sanctions and getting banned military technology to the Iranian regime.

To kill us and our friends.

Maybe even Germans.

So that's today's happy story about the real world.  To which one further question must be asked.  There are American hostages in Iran (4 or 5 of them depending on how you count).  There are undoubtedly secret talks going on to establish the ransom.  How much is Obama prepared to pay to gain the release of the Americans?  Does it include our embarrassing silence on the mayhem the regime has unleashed against the Iranian people?

We could even go back and ask some questions about the female hiker released some months ago, and if we had serious journalists willing to ask serious albeit embarrassing questions, they would have inquired about her ransom (there was talk of half a million dollars in "bail"), and her trip home.  She flew from Tehran to Qatar.  Whose (apparently private) plane was it?  Who paid for the pilots and the jet fuel?

It's not just the Germans, alas.