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Student Day in Iran: Surprise! They Don't Like the Regime.

So there is a lot to worry about.  And there are some nasty auguries out there, from the miserable economy to the killer smog that has virtually shut down Tehran for days. Despite official denials, most Tehranis believe that the pollution is the result of the crash program to produce inferior gasoline in order to compensate for the loss of the good stuff that has been cut off by recent sanctions. Black clouds over Tehran is not a good sign for a hated regime.

If ever there were a propitious moment for the West to rally to the side of the democratic revolution, this is it. But instead we have the pathetic spectacle of our secretary of state trying desperately to exchange a few words with the Iranian foreign minister at an international gathering. To no avail. It reminds one of the equally pathetic spectacle of Bill Clinton's secretary of state running after Yasser Arafat when he walked out of a "peace conference" in Paris some years back.

This, I think, gives the lie to the claim -- made by several apologists for the regime -- that the Obama administration was never serious about making a deal with the Iranian leaders. It was, and is, even though it seems from the WikiLeaks cables that every Arab leader has been begging us to rid the region of the Islamic Republic, preferably violently, and yesterday if possible.

Meanwhile, the regime continues its relentless strategy of preparing to kill ever more Americans, as we see from the really big (but largely unnoticed) story of the joint missile base being built in Venezuela, in cahoots with comrade Chavez.  That base will house Russian missiles, fully capable of hitting the United States.

Instead of trying to kiss the ring of the Iranian minister, Hillary and her colleagues would do better to invest a bit of energy to peacefully bring down the Islamic Republic, and reshape the Middle East with free Persians.

But that's hard to do with a president who has so often declared his intention to protect the world from the scourge of the American Imperium.