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The Wikitruth About Iranian Murder of Americans

But the really big apologies are due from our political leaders, who, despite the considerable volume of reports about Iranian and Iranian-backed killers and kidnappers, have failed to respond, either politically (as I have proposed) or militarily.  Those who fought and are fighting in this war are entitled to ask Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Tenet, Blair, and Hadley, along with Obama, Biden, Clinton, Gates again, Mullen, Panetta and the rest, why they failed to go after the Iranian regime, or the terrorist training camps inside Iran, or the assembly lines (many of them similarly inside Iran) for the explosives that have been the greatest cause of casualties in this long war.

Given the great volume of information showing the Iranian regime's murderous actions, the paralysis of these actors and their cohorts is...what's the right word?  Shameful?  Feckless? Disgusting?  Unacceptable?

Secretary Rice doesn't seem to have written extensively about it in her recent memoir, which she discusses here.  Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are preparing their own accounts.  Do you think they will try to explain their dereliction of duty?  I hope so, but I doubt it.  Will anyone ask Obama, Biden, or Secretary Clinton to explain their dereliction of duty at a future press conference?  Let's hope.  They all have a lot to apologize for.

Their failure to act makes them all accomplices to the great evil that is the Islamic Republic of Iran, and more's the pity, since the regime is visibly wobbling and the opposition is quite attractive, even as it continues to attack our guys.  Yet none of our leaders has seen fit to rally to the side of the Green Movement, redoubling their guilt.

Let's call it disgusting, ok?