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The Iranian Mess (UPDATED)

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Guards have killed some 30 Kurds in reprisal for the bomb that went off on a military base in Mahabad a week ago. It seems that the action actually took place across the Iraqi border, yet another violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Then there is the fascinating story of the computer “worm” that, according to numerous publications, penetrated tens of thousands of official Iranian computers. Government officials in Iran stoutly maintain that no serious damage has been done, but then they would say that no matter what the truth was. It seems very unlikely to me that a regime as notoriously inefficient as the Islamic Republic could have an accurate assessment of what took place, but it is certainly convenient to be able to blame the usual suspects in Washington and Jerusalem for the regime’s failure to produce a nuclear warhead after 21 years of working on it. Perhaps they will soon blame the “worm” for the long lines at gas stations (to a limit of less than 16 gallons a month), and the rising food prices.

It’s fascinating, but it’s a mess.