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Iran Wimps Out

Now ask yourself this question: how would the regime react if the tough guy in the White House said, "If we find any evidence of Iranian support for the terrorists killing Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan, we'll consider it an act of war and will react accordingly"?

Which Bushitlercheney should have done years ago.  It's still the right thing to do.

Lots of lessons here:

1.  They talk a lot but they're afraid, profoundly afraid  (can you imagine the RG generals talking to the Supreme Leader?  "But Excellency, they will kill us all...");

2.  They will not risk direct confrontation, because any defeat will encourage the Iranian people to bring them down;

3.  They talk a lot about the glories of martyrdom, but the martyrs they have in mind are the Arabs they send into battle or on suicide missions against us;

4.  The trouble with American leaders is that they want to be loved, whereas a healthy dose of fear will do wonders for the region.

Sigh. Dare I say it? Yes I can: Faster, please.