The Death Spiral of the Islamic Republic III

These little stories illustrate a great event, indeed a world-changing event:  the death of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, and the rest of the evil empire in Tehran, are all dead men walking.  We don't know the schedule for the funeral yet, but Iranians know it's on the agenda.  One will get you ten at my betting window that, aside from a very thin veneer of top officials (for whom there is no hope, for they will fulfill the demand of the nightly rooftop chants), anyone who is anyone in Iran today is trying to make a deal with Mousavi and Karroubi.  They are all whispering that their hearts are green, and always were green.

Khamenei & Co. certainly know this, as they know they are being betrayed by some very high-ranking people.  And the exodus is under way;  by the end of the week we will see some important representatives of the Islamic Republic resign their posts, for they do not wish to be associated with it any longer.

Look at what didn't happen in the streets last Friday.  Not a shot was fired at the millions of demonstrators in Tehran.  There are YouTubes of police fraternizing with the Greens.  There are stories of Revolutionary Guardsmen helping the demonstrators, and even the Basij didn't dare to attack or arrest, with a handful of exceptions (one of which is notable:  in Tabriz, if I remember correctly, they started to round up some people, and the crowd turned on them, freed the would-be victims, and beat the Basijis to death).

And look at what else didn't happen:  nobody tried to arrest Mousavi or Karroubi.  Somebody tried to stab Khatami in the street, but it was thwarted, and Karroubi has been told to show up at a Revolutionary Tribunal to respond to charges of spreading false claims of rape and murder in the prisons.  But this subpoena, which previously terrified the recipient, is no longer threatening.  Karroubi has proclaimed it is good news, for it will give him the opportunity to present the evidence, which is iron-clad, and can no longer be destroyed (copies of documents, audios and videos are now in the hands of Green supporters in Europe and the United States).

So we have a regime of zombies in Tehran, but they can still do a lot of damage, to Iranians and to us.  Early last week Khamenei summoned Afghan terrorist chieftain Gulbadin Hekhmatiar to Tehran, and told him to step up attacks against American and other Allied forces.  Other Iranian-supported terrorist groups have received similar instructions.

Under the circumstances, you'd think that your government would be talking to the Greens.  But you'd be wrong.  Perhaps Hillary Clinton thought she was telling the truth when she claimed, a few days after the insurrection of June 12th, that "behind the scenes" we were helping the Iranian opposition.  If so, she shouldn't have said anything about it, but I don't think she was well informed.  There are no contacts between the American Government and the leaders of the opposition.  One should not expect the new government to look kindly upon a President Obama who publicly sweet-talked the Tehran butchers, and all but begged Khamenei for a few minutes of his precious time.  The same applies to the Europeans, all of whom scrambled for oil and other commercial contracts, and none of whom talked to the Green leaders.

As so often, Martin Luther King Jr. summed it up perfectly:  "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."