The Extended Finger From the Mullahs' Clenched Fist

There will probably be other events for us to ignore in short order.   Top Iranian officials, including the head of the national security council and the defense minister,  have recently visited Damascus, where they met with the leaders of the region's terrorist leaders, and those killers, along with Syrian officials, will soon go to Tehran for further meetings.  This suggests, to me at least, that an escalation in the terror war is now under way, and I expect to see a considerable tempo of killing in the near future.  That is likely to include attacks in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Israel.

I do not expect us to respond effectively.  Our own leaders are even shying away from increasing the sanctions against Iran.  With this sort of fecklessness, the regime will press ahead with its mayhem, and our friends in the region will be very cautious.

All of this begs the central issue, which is the impending doom of the regime in Tehran.  The mullahs tried to stage monster rallies in support of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei today, but it fizzled.  This is a remarkable failure, as demonstrators were promised free food and a cash stipend.  They preferred to stay at home, and save their energies for the anti-regime rallies that will take place in coming weeks.

Despite his verbal support for the opposition in his Oslo remarks, the president still balks at doing anything serious to help them.  He is carefully, cautiously and systematically constructing a shameful legacy for himself and his administration.  He'd do better to listen to Vaclav Havel on how to deal with tyrants:

"...they respect it when someone is standing his ground, when someone is not afraid of them. When someone soils his pants prematurely, then they do not respect you more for it."