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The Iranian Time Bombs

On the other hand, the revolutionary clock is ticking inside Iran, as the last drops of legitimacy drain from the dying body of the Islamic Republic.  When Ahmadinejad returned to Iran, he went to Isfahan for a public event, but very few folks showed up.  And Tuesday was "Parliament Day" in Tehran, but less than a third of the invited VIPs came.  For that matter, less than a third of the Majlis members came!

Monday is "Student Day," and the regime is bracing for big demonstrations.  The usual warnings have been issued, and internet will be jammed as of Sunday.  For once, the opposition is giving the regime a taste of its own electronic medicine, hacking into state-run media and putting "Green" messages on their web sites.

In a sort of preemptive bribe, the regime declared a long holiday, starting Thursday, and encouraged people to celebrate in the countryside.  But the weather is not inviting, and a quick look at Twitter (#iranelection is probably the best) will show you that preparations for the anti-regime demonstrations are going ahead.  Both Mousavi and Karroubi, the top two leaders of the Green Wave, have said they will be with the students.

They are receiving very strong support from leading clerics,  above all Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, who declared the movement to be "the real representation of the legitimate demands of the majority of the Iranian nation, over many years." And he delivered a fierce denunciation of the regime:

Once again I emphasize and repeat, I warn the rulers that the way you are walking on, will bring nothing but damage and destruction not just to the religion, but also to the ‘earthly’ issues - both on yourselves and on the nation. Being loyal to the law and respecting the nation’s right is the best way to show a ruler’s good will. Selfishness, greed, domination and the acts of violence against the nation - the irreligious & illegal show trials of respected politicians, and the heavy sentences for them, will have the outcome of isolation of the country and the system in the world. And puts even more distance between the people and the rulers, and is destroying the face of the ‘oppressed Islam’. And in the end it will bring God’s anger.

Which pretty much sums it up.  The wrath of God.  Will it fall Monday?