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We Are All Cowards Now

Although this example seems to fit Holder's complaint, in reality it proves the opposite.  For the racism embodied in those institutions and those practices is indeed discussed, in fact it's discussed much too much, to the benefit of the racists and the detriment of those who are mainly interested in character and accomplishment.  On the other hand, in (at least some of) those institutions where race isn't discussed at all, Dr. King's dream has been abundantly fulfilled.  But I don't think General Holder knows as much about them as he should.

I suggest he take a day and go to a Marine base.  Quantico's just down the road.  If he goes there, and talks to the Marines, he will find the most "diverse" group of men and women he could possibly imagine.  And he will discover--you really can't miss it--that they don't talk about race at all.  Ever.  They talk about Marines, and what Marines have to do.  They have to do it together, with total trust in each other, with total commitment to each other.  They cannot possibly achieve that if race is a constant topic of conversation, because that conversation inevitably divides them.  Marines don't have time for that nonsense, because they have to defeat America's enemies,  people who are trying to kill us and destroy our country.  And those people, by the way, talk a lot about race.  They call our president a "house slave," which I suppose takes them totally out of Holder's category of "cowards who avoid talking about race."

I don't think Holder's little spiel would find much favor in Quantico, and that's a very good thing.  What's so disconcerting is that a man at the top of his profession, with a wife at the top of hers, in a country that has rewarded his accomplishments and whose people have made epic strides toward the creation of an equitable society, lectures us in a way that can only divide us.

But that's the infernal paradox of multiculturalism.  It preaches tolerance but practices divisiveness.  It pretends to be even-handed but imposes severe restrictions on speech.  It censors brilliant scholars and independent-minded students.  And then the Attorney General criticizes those who don't want to play that self-destructive game.

That's what political correctness has done.  Time to stop listening to this nonsense and fight our real enemies.  Go to Quantico, Mr. Holder, and have a look at the best America now produces.  Then learn from them.  Silence is golden.  Just do your job.