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Women Bite Dogs in Iraq

Which is an important datum in the important ongoing debate over the nature of Islam, isn't it?  For this means that at least some Islamic religious leaders--the mullahs referenced above--are opposed to suicide terrorism, whether against Americans or Iraqis, civilians or military.  And they acted on it.  And, to use our legalese, they got the women to turn state's evidence against those who were training them to blow themselves up.

Yes, I'd like to know a lot more about this story.  I'd like to know how old the women are, I'd like to know where and how they were recruited, and I'd love to know the evidence they provided to our guys.  But meanwhile, it's worth a glass of good Sicilian red.

Or two...

Before the third glass, an additional point:  this is singularly bad news for the mullahs across the road, the ones in Iran, the ones who are forever hailing "martyrdom."  If we had a Voice of America worthy of the name (we don't, alas), this story would be broadcast in Farsi around the clock, because it will encourage the brave women of Iran to continue their struggle against the sexist barbarians who rule their country.  If the Iraqis can do it, so can they.  Eventually they're gonna win.

Which of course brings me to the final point:  at the end of the day, the women of the Middle East are the strongest revolutionary force in the region.  We should be supporting them in every imaginable way.  Maybe Miss Hillary will move forward with that mission?