Did the Biden Admin Let the Attack on Israel Happen?

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The Biden administration is already in hot water for appeasing Iran and unfreezing of $6 billion in Iranian assets which played a role in the attack that sparked the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.


But did the Biden administration know about the attack in advance, too?

The Biden administration is trying to cover up what they knew about the planned assault on Israel, according to a report from Tablet Magazine. The outlet notes there have been conflicting stories leaked by U.S. intelligence services regarding their knowledge of Hamas’ assault on Israel. These leaks suggest that some in the administration fear that they may be held responsible for missing critical information about the planning of the deadly attack. Some stories, such as claims Egypt had known about the impending attack but the U.S. didn’t, don’t add up, and appear to be a false flag to keep the media focused on the failure of the Israeli government to prevent the attack instead of what Washington knew.

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Back in April, The Wall Street Journal reported that Esmail Qaani, commander of the Quds Force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ foreign terror unit, was meeting in Beirut with Haniyeh and Hezbollah General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah. Hezbollah then fired off a round of missiles from the north, Hamas fired from the south, and another barrage sailed in from across the Syrian border. The Iranians could have sent a courier to tell its allies to fire off a few missiles at the Israelis. But with the Quds Force chief on the ground meeting with the heads of Hamas and Hezbollah, something bigger was in the works.

The United States can’t possibly have not known about this meeting, and could have easily followed up directly on the purpose of it, given its capacities inside Lebanon. The Biden administration has allocated $72 million to pay the salaries of both the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the country’s Internal Security Forces (ISF). One of the ISF’s big tasks is to target Israeli spy networks inside Lebanon. In 2022, the ISF rolled up no less than 17 Israeli networks based in Lebanon.

Here’s another bizarre fact. According to an Oct. 13 New York Times article, Hamas fighters who flew paragliders into Israel to massacre Jews did their training in Lebanon. It seems highly unlikely that the United States, with intense intelligence operations right there, somehow missed the hordes of paragliders all of sudden randomly flocking to do training in Lebanon at the same time—not least because the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, is a paragliding enthusiast who posted videos of her own airborne adventures as recently as mid-August.


Sources for the New York Times also claimed for more than a year that Iran was helping to plan the Hamas attack with Hezbollah, and that training was taking place in Lebanon and Syria. The Times also corroborated a Wall Street Journal piece that Iran had planned and green-lit the invasion days before. “But reporters at the Journal’s Washington, D.C., bureau, who had no access to the Journal’s foreign sources, were dead set against their Middle East-based colleagues publishing a piece based on their own reporting that made Iran’s role clear,” reports Tablet. “Their interest was in protecting their official sources in Washington, who continued to deny any Iranian role in the attack.”

The Biden administration has no plans to confront a regime that it is keen to arm with a nuclear bomb. Since the Obama administration first began negotiations with the Iranians over their nuclear program, the United States has given Iran tens of billions of dollars and made available to the clerical regime additional hundreds of billions. Iran, in the eyes of the Biden team, is not a potential belligerent but a prospective partner.

Even CNN reported last week that U.S. intelligence agencies had assessments of Hamas’s activities before the attack but “it is unclear if any of these U.S. assessments were shared with Israel.”


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