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Yelp Unloads on Restaurant after They're Caught Serving Popeyes Chicken as Their Own

You wouldn’t serve a tray of Girl Scout cookies to your friends and claim that you stayed up all night baking them because you’re better than that. But a California restaurant was caught sneaking fried chicken into the kitchen for their own “chicken & waffles” meal, and Yelp’s foodie community is holding their feet to the burner:

A Yelp reviewer stopped by Sweet Dixie Kitchen located in Long Beach, California, for a bite with some pals, and before they could take a seat, he noticed that someone was carrying two big boxes of Popeyes into the kitchen. “Tyler H.” wanted to believe that the fried chicken was brought in to feed the kitchen staff, but his pressing skepticism forced him to order the restaurant’s $13 plate of chicken and waffles. It is important to note that Popeyes chicken is not mentioned anywhere on the menu, and at the time, their Facebook page claimed that “Everything is made here.”

Tyler’s hunch was spot-on, and not only was the fried chicken clearly from Popeyes, the waffles were reportedly stale as well. The Sweet Dixie Kitchen compensated Tyler and his four friends for the meal, and he shared his unfavorable experience on Yelp for everyone to read:

After dining here and seeing the response of the owner or manager, this place is deserving of a one star review. Using other restaurants foods, not informing your guests about it, and over charging your guests for it is a cardinal sin in the restaurant industry. Bland food and even worse it's fast food and not cooked on site. If people wanted to eat Popeyes, they would go eat at Popeyes. Instead we decided to come here because we believed we were getting freshly cooked food that was a recipe of the restaurant. That wasn't the case.

If you are going to sell another restaurants product, inform your guest and don't try to market it as your own. Deplorable and the response to it from the manager/owner is disgusting (kinda like the food here).

We could’ve gotten a helpful lesson in how to deal with a negative customer review if the owner had nicely mentioned that their establishment doesn’t have a fryer on site, that she believes that Popeyes is the best fried chicken to complement her waffles, that plenty of the food on the menu is locally sourced, or that they would be happy to reprint the menu to make it crystal-clear that their fried chicken dishes use Popeyes chicken in the same vein that the milkshake area of your average dessert menu may highlight the fact that they use real Oreos or Milky Way pieces in their shakes. Unfortunately, Kimberly Sanchez, the establishment’s owner, decided to be a bit snarky with her reply to her restaurant’s well-deserved review with quips like “We PROUDLY SERVE Popeyes spicy tenders" and “So whatever to you and your little review like it was some great exposure, and whatever to you dude.” Yikes.