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Woman Fired for Lacing Brownies with Laxatives at Work

The next time a co-worker brings some baked goods to the office for a birthday or farewell party, you might want to think twice before digging in.

An employee at a Saline, Mich., engineering company thought that she would have a little fun and bake some laxatives into a batch of brownies that she was bringing to work. Although "fun" might not be the best way to describe what the outcome of such an afternoon snack would be.

A fellow colleague was leaving the job and the office was throwing a little send-off bash as a result. According to USA Today, there might have been tension between the 47-year-old woman who baked the goodies, and the person who was leaving. Hence the laxatives. Luckily, another employee tipped off management before anyone was able to take a bite. The woman initially denied having done anything wrong, but when it was made clear that the brownies would be tested, she came clean. Officers from the Saline Police Department confiscated them, according to police Chief Jerrod Hart.

As it stands, the woman does not face any charges. If someone had eaten the baked goods, however, the situation would have been considered criminal. She has, of course, been fired.